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How to adapt to a new country

Psychologist Geert Hofstede wrote: “Culture is like an onion that can be peeled, layer by layer, to reveal the content.

Light Body to Light Body on different planes

We come to Earth in order to create a new pathway within our Soul

 How to explain an experience when I cannot find the words Just the sensation and experience.

When memories come flooding in

 On this day the memories are flooding in

Remembering the final phases of a life time

The breaking point as well the surrendering

Yet still strong connected through will and spirit

The dignity you held through the passing

Honoring those you held so dear

Each in their own way sharing your love

And giving them the gifts through words

As well your intense awareness .

You are standing tall and bright

After releasing all layers that needed to be shed

Earning your wings through your courage

Love yourself

loving yourself is a priority

 Your relationship with you is the most intimate one you’ll have in this lifetime. The more you love yourself, the more you can focus your energy specifically on the greater good. Love yourself even if it doesn’t seem natural, and you’ll be a conduit for higher energy. Treat those around you in the same way you wish to be treated. It is time to show the higher part of yourself. You can easily detach and see the big picture in each situation. To move forward, you must exude higher energy, because what you give out is what you receive.

How do dreams work?

Everyone dreams. Even people who are 100% sure they do not dream, dream. The average person enters the Rapid-Eye-Movements phase up to five times a night. During those phases you can dream up to seven times, a dream lasting anywhere from a few seconds to half an hour in length. That adds to a total dreaming time of 1 to 2 hours. Scientists have found that the brainwaves that are produced while dreaming are just as active as the ones you produce when you are awake. They might be even more active. This might be because most dreams are negative.

I want you to live your life to the fullest

To the fullest in the best way I can

Today I make the commitment to myself

To follow your wish for me to live my life

To the fullest in the best way I can.

All first times are behind me and you

To be continued in a whole new way.

Thus creating a very new memory bank

With new first times together

All I recognize in your presence and essence

Is what I know from within me

It is about recognition as well remembering

The inner unique spark we hold

Your male side had to be complementary

To my female side and vice-versa.

The Left and Right Hemisphere of the brain

There are many ways to balance your left and right hemisphere

In every personality there is a left or right, female or male, mental or emotional. People often see themselves as a male or a female personality, because of gender for example, but this is not always true. The left and right hemisphere does not always have something to do with gender but with what is dominating in your personality or whether you are in balance with both.

Reflections of the Heart

My inner reflections are gifts, which are holding me tall and strong, confident and feeling loved

Today is about remembering and reflecting on a difficult and intense period in our lives. A lifetime came to an end after enduring pain, sorrow and suffering on many levels. Physical as well mental and emotional all the layers were shed until the raw beauty remained of a beautiful soul. Ready to return to his light body. Leaving behind in this transition his loved ones in the physical forms. It  took all your will to let go, even then not willing to leave those you love so much. There was the surrendering of your body, quiet and peaceful and letting go.

Improve your self-esteem

Take care of yourself first. Yes, first

How do I feel about who I am?

Self-esteem is all about how you see yourself. Who are you and are you happy with who you are? Do you have the inner-stability to be confident? Many people who start or have a career are suffering from low self-esteem. They feel like they have to compete constantly and that there is no room for mistakes. If mistakes are made it is engraved in their minds instead of learning from it properly


When we experience different perspectives as opposites

We all need to be understood and loved, to be safe and have shelter within every group we are part of

Do you know those moments you seem to see things eye to eye with someone? Or maybe just the opposite? Ever wondered how it is possible when siblings grow up with the same parents, yet tell different stories about their childhood and upbringing. We all know these situations when we start reminiscing about lifetime experiences and the stories don’t add up. It makes you wonder how it is possible you are not seeing eye to eye on what seems so clear for yourself to begin with. All these imprints we receive over the years growing up. It is all colored through our own way of looking at things.