QLU project

Popcorn – what you put in isn’t what comes out

It is a lot like the way we use our own experiences through our day to day life

I was thinking about Popcorn and the way you can create with simple corn a lovely treat, either salty either sweet. It all depends on taste, doesn’t it? It is a lot like the way we use our own experiences through our day to day life. Challenges are triggering the to discover unknown seeds, in order to discover what it brings forth. Sometimes it feels like a microwave at times when we find ourselves deep into the emotional state which is connected.

Masks - Looks and beauty

I chose to have this beautiful body and looking like a witch or a gnome

I chose to have the body of an Angel and the face of a clown. Nobody could see through my exterior to see the inner beauty I held. Or they fell in love with my body and it’s curves, lush and blooming or they detested me, calling me names and treating me harshly.

Determined to shed all masks

The fierce energy would come out whenever someone I love was in some kind of trouble or danger

We all are familiar carrying masks towards not just the outside world, yet also to ourselves as well. In order to hide from any danger or not being aware. We learn in this society of duality with a male energy to it, to shield or protect ourselves. What better way then to put on a mask, to hide you feel vulnerable, or from a place of fear for prosecution. I can only speak for myself of course when it comes down to letting go of the masks I have been wearing over the years.

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

Not just the personification

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

Receiving the image of the pink/red Rose

As a token or symbol for healing and clearing

Of the emotional wounds that needs to be healed,

Vulnerability, strength or weakness?

I encountered wonderful loving people

I am challenged all my life with this aspect. Setting myself up with an open heart and being vulnerable came with experiences which weren’t all that positive. Sometimes stepped on my heart, other times betrayed where I was trusting. These were all learning processes which we all have in our life. The more painful the experience was, there was always this inner response of closing.

What is about being indifferent?

Being totally indifferently towards the other human companion

Lying in bed last night I was thinking about topics to shed some light on. Like the way people sometimes can treat each other without any sign of compassion, or kindness. Being totally indifferently towards the other human companion. Nor affected by gender, race, age they will walk by everyone. See mingly being no part of this world, because they show no affection. They are acting as if they don’t even care about the welfare for those who are wounded or injured by violence.

What is it about Ignorance?

Ignorant to the overview of our inner world

This question popped up after watching the news feed how people tend to react in ways that bring more harm then good. How is it when there is awareness and a loving intent as an opposite energy to bring in harmony and balance is not understood. We are all in need of loving support instead of violence behavior. Anger is a result of fueled fear and there is not much needed apparently to light up a fire.

The choice to celebrate life instead of mourning the loss

Growing up will teach us through our role models

Mourning and grievance is very much entwined with the different cultures and religions perspectives, as are the way the symbols and attributes differ due to the way we have learned within our own society how to deal with death. How we perceive death as a transition or just death as in ending of life without further ways to travel.


When Life turns out to be a Feast

In the way we are able to love ourselves as well others

When life takes a turn and you think it isn’t in your best interest, it will trigger a lot of negative emotions. We tend to feel upset or angry, filled with fear or doubt, if we don’t understand what happened. Or how it possible could benefit your existence. When things crumble under your feet, there you will find the challenges. As well what kind of choices you will make to deal with the new situation.