QLU project

  • Personal Development Courses

    Improve your personal skills, self-esteem and motivation. Walk towards your goals. Grow.

  • Master Coach certification

    Become an accredited Master Coach by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

  • NLP Practitioner & Trainer certification

    Become a certified Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner, and eventually an NLP Trainer.

  • Work & Travel Opportunities

    Travel, work and study languages abroad while having enriching and unforgettable experiences.


Creative Education for Personal and Professional Development

Our Mission is to serve as an inclusive hub where people can awaken their consciousness and develop their self-esteem, motivation, and their personal and entrepreneurial skills through a series of accelerated training courses, as well as to find the resources to exploit such competences by using our provided work and travel opportunities, and connect with each other in a multicultural community, in order to give mutual support and inspiration, and to build healthy relationships.

Our Vision is to become the most prestigious International University, that encourages a creative approach to education and inspires our students of all ages and races worldwide to develop their greatest human potential.

Our Values are honesty, integrity, kindness, respect and continuous improvement.





In association with

International Coaching Academy - Institute of Leadership & Management