QLU project
Each page is to be shared I am told, Each message is to be written
When I said I am here for you to speak
The silence was deafening at first.
You were not coming in with big words
Or grand gestures to be known.
It took me time to get comfortable with
The nudges as well the little pushes
That made me aware of what was going on.
Sometimes it is just the line of a song,
Other times a hug from a child unexpectedly
That make me conscious of my own energy
Reflected by the acts of others around me.
Feeling strongly connected with this flow
That makes me write and without any withholding
Letting the words come to the front so to speak.
Like stepping aside in order to let the information
And the energy connect with another well
Deep within myself or with my High Self.
When I have this urge to sit down and write
I know there is something important
That needs to be addressed.
Speaking out loud the messages are another
Dimension that give a deeper meaning to
The messages that are forming itself along the way.
Just a different form yet the importance of sound
Is another way of expressing myself again.
My life is my song, my book to be written
Accordingly the way it enfolds itself.
Attuning to my guidance as well my inner 
Knowing or intuition, this deep connected 
Essence that is part of me as well.
With each day it will expand and grow,
It will be a force that will find its way
sometimes on paper, yet always in my life
The way I want to communicate and love.
Each page is to be shared I am told,
Each message is to be written 
And each time I feel the need to follow
The nudge from within, it is always
Crystal clear and filled with love.
To me that is the barometer of truth.
The love that comes flowing in and through
Are part of my essence as well my integration
With my higher self, the knowing aspect,
On a very realistic and material way.
It materialized my connection with Love
As in Life to be all that I am and can Be.
And so it will be done.



Rhea DopmeijerHeartfelt Messages

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©


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