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Do you walk away, or make it your business to get involved

Do you walk away by Rhea Dopmeijer

When people say it is none of your business, they mean walk away and don’t intervene in any way. They don’t want you to mingle or but in. It is the opposite of caring for each other and love as a guide to assist or lend a hand. When you are told to mind your own business, it comes from a place of fear, anger, worry or whatever emotion you can come up with. So what do you do? Do you walk away? Let’s say you see someone hitting their child in a super market and you want to address them. Do you walk away or are you reacting to the event and speak up?

The golden light within our soul

Golden light within our soul

The Golden Light within our soul

There is this inner golden glow

That comes to surface

When the heart is filled with

The full abundance of love

Joy and harmony come together

Bringing up the compassion as well

The patience and kindness full surfacing.

What is it about the power of imagination

imagine power imagination richard bach

What is it about the Power of Imagination?

Do you know how unique you are being Human,

The only race on this beautiful planet we call Earth,

With the power of imagination.

The animal kingdom and Nature are not able

To imagine a different perspective like us.

In truth, the way we perceive our inner world,

Become aligned with Body& Mind, Heart and Soul

 Not everyone feels the connections between the body, mind heart and soul

Become aligned with Body& Mind, Heart and Soul


For most people it is normal to take care of their body and most of the time also about their Heart or Heart affairs I might say. Not everyone feels the connections between the body, mind heart and soul and the importance of the co-operation between them. Some might have heard about the Chakra’s in relation with the body, yet for the western society this is a pretty new way to take a look at the holistic energy field we as a human being are representing.


Coffee, a source of Inspiration

When you like to drink your coffee, b

When you like to drink your coffee, being told not to use it for the upcoming 24 hours, it is a challenge for me. I really have to be aware not to follow my normal routine, on an automatic pilot. And it’s not just coffee, tea isn’t allowed either. So to pick my drinks today and tomorrow is an eyeopener as well for me. I know this, because you take something for granted until it is not available anymore. Now 24 hours isn’t such a long period of time to sustain from coffee and tea. The reason why I have to sustain is of an other matter.

Should I, or shouldn’t I

Should I stay or should I go

Should I stay or should I go

When all things are shifting around.

Will I be able to go with the flow

And release anything that holds

Even the familiar ones.

On a threshold, standing my ground

I love to take this step forward

Weather or not it feels sound.

Should I take this step into the unknown

Or be on the safe ground I know.

Good times are coming,

 I am sure I will be found.

Maybe this will get easier

When time passes by

Or when the birds are flocking

When family comes around in different forms

here is another family line that is meeting up again for me

Family has been defined by human perception in the western world as to the physical human blood relations, our parents, siblings, aunt and uncles, cousins and nephews, children and grandchildren. Yet if you grew up in the world in countries where it was more common to connect with nature, in every form, it has a totally different outcome the way you perceive as family. The indigo were taught that physical as well etherical energies are also part of family. As we take a look at our ancestors and the lineage we come from, we perceive it as family as well.

What is it about infidelity and faithfulness?

When we fall in love

When we fall in love with someone else and it is answered, you know your life is about to change. The more you get to know each other, the more you know if you can rely on each other. Promises and vows may have been said and trust is part of the process unfolding. Because trust is the foundation love is build upon, isn’t it. We all want to be the one that is loved without any conditions, and to be the one solely. At least for most people this is how they perceive a relationship of lovers. There are many forms of stepping into a relationship, and not all are born from love.

Rolling in the deep, alignment with your core

Your heart  to be a strong

There is this space deep within yourself,

In the area of your heart as well your sacral chakra,

Where your gut feeling comes forth,

To be connected with the love that shines through

Your heart  to be a strong channel of light.

Whenever we come across a situation that brings up]

Emotions we were forgotten so to speak,

We are being drawn into this energy that represents

The experience of what has happened and wants

To come into the open and outwards.